Phone Number AND Website Address

Provides Beneficial Call or Surf Options in Advertising

By Replacing Your Plain Phone Number In Any Print Media


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All Home And Business Phone Numbers

In USA and Canada

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USA ~ Wisconsin 


(715) Area Code


1-715.com/_ _ _ - _ _ _ _

Phone Number AND Website Address


Your Unique Phone Number AND Website Address

EDIT and Erase

eee  … space in address

Hello ,

I see your contact information on your business card, or ad in the paper, or on a sign, or on Facebook, or another print media.
Seeing your phone number and email address, I wanted to email you about a product I provide to anyone who advertises their phone number.

… Your Phone Number is      : 1 aaa – nnn-nnnn
… Your Email Address is       : eee
… Your Website Address is   : ?
… Your Profile Webpage is   : ?


I would like to introduce you to … “
A Unique For You” … Website Address subscription product, For your consideration.

It’s a beneficial way to enhance and magnify the advertising potential of your phone number where ever you have in print media Advertising.

I offer a subscription, to a unique website address (URL), that represents your phone number !
( All home, cell, and business phone numbers are available as a website address in USA and Canada )

Our Secure Phone Number & Website addresses each look like
1-_ _ _.com/_ _ _ - _ _ _ _

By using our 1-aaa.com domain name, and adding your phone number as a /folder, we generate a unique to you web address as


Your (
Phone Number and Website Address) as ONE !

By replacing your plain phone number where ever you have in print,
(Business cards, paper ad’s, brochures, yard / vehicle, yard and highway signs, email signatures, Youtube videos, Ebay / Etzy sales page, TV ads and other media)

Would provide beneficial ( Call or Surf ) options to viewers of your print media advertising.

Viewers can Call daytime, (week days) when you are open,
Or can Surf 24/7
At any hour of the day when they see your business card, or ad in the paper, or other print media you use.

1-aaa-nnn-nnnn <Your plain phone # in print.
Enhanced To >
1-aaa.com/nnn-nnnn <Your phone # & web address as ONE !

Imagine the unlimited benefits utilizing the web !

Our Web address subscription options are:

$1 /week ( 1-aaa.com/nnn-nnnn )
  Your Web Address can be set to auto-redirect to any website or webpage address of your choice.

$2 /week ( 1-aaa.com/nnn-nnnn )
  Your Web Address can be your home / business website built by
( you, your webmaster )

$3 /week ( 1-aaa.com/nnn-nnnn )
  ( I build your web address site to your satisfaction and approval )

Webhosting is included.

Your Phone Number Surely Would Work Harder and Smarter by Utilizing the Web !
Hire Your New WEB Worker for $1/week (1.6 cents / hour)

Will work To Benefit and Profit You 24/7

When you see it live, and understand more of how it can benefit you, take a month if needed to learn more of how it can work for you to magnify your phone number’s advertising potential anywhere you have in print.

Advertising a Plain Phone Number
( vs )
Phone Number AND Website Address in ONE!

Your 1– aaa – nnn-nnnn
(Day time as Call/voice only)

Your 1-aaa.com/nnn-nnnn
( Day time (Call or Surf )
( Night time (Surf website)  24/7

Subscription to your unique 1-aaa.com/nnn-nnnn web site address as an auto-redirect to any website / webpage of your choice is
just $50/year ( $1.00/week ) ( 1.6 cents per hour )

See 1-715.com for details.
( PhoneNumberWorks.com ) < Parent Site)

To see your 1-aaa.com/nnn-nnnn phone number web address on the web for your review,
just reply to this email and request a no obligation phone number web address.

Next couple weeks, I can explain much more of how this can magnify your advertised phone number.

*** Our web addresses as 1_ _ _.com/_ _ _ - _ _ _ _ are available for every area code and every phone number in USA and Canada.
*** In other words, anyone who has a phone number, can have their own unique website address.

Please share with family and friends anywhere in USA and Canada.

Literally, a website address for anyone’s home or business phone number !

Yes, you can be on the web immediately with a demo, / subscription. 
URL subscriptions have a 30 day money back guarantee !

1-aaa.com (Our domain name for area code aaa)
/nnn-nnnn (Your phone number as a folder)

Together to make your unique website address to replace your plain phone number anywhere you have in print.

Start Your 1-aaa.com/nnn-nnnn address today ! 

Best Regards,
John Tester
Webmaster, Strum, WI

W: 1-aaa.com
W: PhoneNumberWorks.com
W & P: 1-715.com/533-3956
E: John @ WebsiteYET.com (remove spaces to email to me)


NOTE: I didn’t include hyper-links in this email, so as not to get blocked as junk mail. 
Simply type in any of the domains into your browser to learn much more.

Thank you for your time.
I truly believe this unique to you web address can benefit to you. 
Check it out, ask for a demo page, see it live, ponder, and then decide to subscribe or pass.
Happy to answer any questions, and also point out the many ways this can help your bottom line.

Print this email for future study and review.

1-715.com /_ _ _ - _ _ _ _

Your Unique Phone Number AND Website Address